Alright Closer’s we are approaching the end of the week. That means you have made some sales and likely missed out on a few too.

As we get ready to wrap this week up and prepare for the next let’s take into consideration a few ways we might have killed our sales. We do not want to make simple mistakes. The three mistakes below may seem like no brainers but you would be surprised at the amount of students that get back to bad habits and kill sales over these. Learn them. Avoid them.

  1. Failing to listening – You have to listen to what the customer is asking for yes, but it does not end there. Take a look past that to find out what they really need. It’s a huge mistake for salespeople sing the praises of a product without hearing what the customer wants or needs. You cannot sell to someone if you do not know what they want. HEAR to your customers, identify the need, and CLOSE THEM before you kill them.
  2. Overselling – An exaggerated pitch leaves your potential customer with no room for input, nor does it give them the chance to make an educated decision. Know when to stop selling and start closing. If you get wrapped up in your product or services you’ll push the prospect away faster the Grim Reaper.
  3. Being unprepared – It does not matter if you sell coffins online, a boardroom, or on the phone, you need to know a lot more than just the details about what you are selling and be able to answer all potential questions. Even if you have been doing it for years, you can never be too prepared. That goes double If you are prospecting for new business, know what you are going to say and be ready for questions, USE A SCRIPT.

The bottom line is, here at CLOSER COLLEGE we want to make sure you don’t make any avoidable mistakes. If you want higher level assistance at becoming better than the best, let US help you make your next 6 figures.