90% of sales information you’ll find on the web will neglect to give closing the attention it deserves. The truth is selling is easy, getting people excited and in the buying mood is easy, helping your prospects understand the value of your offer is easy, but actually getting a signed contract and executing a monetary transaction is another story…..Unless you’re  me, The Closers Closer.

Take the the next few minutes to evaluate your current process and ask yourself one question: Do I close 50% or better?

If you can’t say yes to this question then you my friend are average. You might make good money, its possible you’re the golden child of your office, and I bet you that your ego is bigger than the state you live in, but with out consistently high close rates you are operating at lower level, and haven’t found true success yet. If you are okay with being average then the only thing you’ll be closing is this tab on your browser.

Closing deals with a conversion rate of 50%+ is reserved for the elite. The best of the best. If you want a shot at the top 1% club, the best use of your time is in front of a prospect. Since you’re here already ill give you a bonus tip before you dive into why I’m successful….                                             Bonus Tip: Do more, surf the web less.

Why Im commonly referred to as “The Closer’s Closer

1. I make the close fun. The close is the most awkward part to a bad sales presentation. Even if you’re having an off day it is always appropriate to use humor in the close. This can make people feel good, inspired, or hopeful. Everyone loves a well crafted story and people are more likely to make decisions when they are relaxed. I’m not saying make the close a joke, just don’t act like your life (or bank account) depends on your prospects decision. You will close more deals if you can get your prospect to relax and open up.


2. I alway make it visual. it is a challenge for prospects to believe what they hear over believing what they see. Always have a contract available and a writing pad. Anything offered and any points of value should be written down to show the buyers what they get when they make the decision with you. small commitments equal the big commitment, and building a stack of built points helps the prospect recognize value. If your online use screen share software. If you are offline grab a pen and paper. What ever the medium just make it visual.


3. My confidence is unrelenting. Every sale is the same, I always know whole heartedly that we can come to an agreement, regardless of what I am told by the prospect or competition. The old adage goes, “Where there’s a will, there’s a way.” This mindset of knowing you will reach an agreement requires that you eliminate all negativity from your environment. In the end it doesn’t matter if its a yes or a no, the point is to come to an agreement that puts your prospect into action. This technique will allow you to stop wasting time on potential deals, and throw loligagers back into the marketing campaign until they are ready to make a change in their life.


4. I never take the first “no”.  Reposition yourself in a negotiation after being given the dreadful “no” ultimately will determine if you are actually a closer and not just another salesmen. Persistence is key; it is a successfully action that will create success and prosperity. Driving for a “yes” in another way after being told shot down does not mean I didn’t listen, and am disrespecting the prospect. It means I am genuinely standing beside my product, service or idea and that I am not sold on the prospect’s disagreement.


Now go get back on the phones closers…practice makes perfect.