The rise of social media has created so many opportunities for sales people. Especially on LinkedIn, there are so many resources and possibilities for salespeople to engage in and take advantage of.

If you are not fully optimizing your LinkedIn profile, you’re missing out on so much. Of course, we have a solution for that coming soon – sign up for our newsletter for details on our FREE upcoming release!

In the meantime, here’s why you should be using LinkedIn and how it can help you as a salesperson.

It will help you connect with more customers

This is kind of a no-brainer, but it’s often taken for granted, which is why we’re listing it first on why LinkedIn is so important for salespeople. You potentially have the entire world in your virtual rolodex, just a few clicks away. Maybe you’ll never even meet these people face to face, or even talk on the phone with them. Business can be conducted these days with a few messages back and forth, which is such an amazing benefit for salespeople everywhere.

You can see when someone is interested in you

LinkedIn has that wonderfully creepy feature that tells you when people are looking at your profile. Take advantage of this! If someone is checking you out, do it right back. Many connections can be made this way, and you can easily see when a prospective client might be interested in your services if they are visiting your profile.

You can follow prospect companies to see what they’re up to

Many companies post job updates, press releases and pertinent company information on their LinkedIn profiles. This is an amazing tool when it comes to researching a prospective client and finding out more about what’s going on in their world. Read up on their latest press releases and bring up a few valid details in your message or phone call. They’ll appreciate that you did your homework.

What are your favorite LinkedIn features for salespeople?