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Hey there, sales friends.

You may be wondering what makes us so qualified to give you all of this information.
The truth is, we don’t have glitz and glamour. We simply know what works, and what doesn’t.

we don’t all have an easy start…

My name is Atom Matthew Freeman, I was born in raised in Texas, just outside Houston in a small cow town called Waller. I have two older sisters, two younger sisters, and a brother who is the same age as me, although not a twin. It is a challenge being the middle child, as I am sure many of you know. My parents struggled with addiction their entire lives, and both were in and out of the prison system due to their addiction issues. These issues inevitably would end with me having to support myself by the time I was 15-years old. I tried moving around a lot with different family members, and friends. Entered and left 7 different school systems, which lead to me constantly having to face challenges in school, but made me exceptional at meeting people, and creating friends. I struggled with dyslexia and ADHD making it even more difficult which you will notice later when I start to write things down for you. I made to my senior year, even though I lacked the motivation and direction I would later find. I had trouble showing up day to day, and eventually I was told I wouldn’t graduate, so I never went back.

“take a job in sales” they said

I, obviously, had a confidence issue. We are told we have to go to school and study to make it, and I wasn’t able to graduate high school, and if the kids from your high school who did graduate were anything like mine, that is not a hard task. I was uncertain about what I wanted to do with my life, and part of me feared I would end up like my parents. I was out of school, living on my own, having to support myself. I couldn’t get into college because I hadn’t graduated, so obviously I had to get a job. I searched, I applied, I interviewed, but none of these “respectable” companies would even look at me because of my lack of education. I took a job, albeit one that I didn’t want to take, in sales because it is an easy field to get into even though it is a difficult one to master.

“it’ll be easy” they said

Starting is sales is difficult. We all know this. You get told no a lot. I was dealing with more rejection when my confidence was already low, and I had very little self-worth. Inevitably with the lack of direction I was given, and basically winging every appointment that I had, I failed a lot, and wasn’t able to meet my quotas, so I inevitably got fired. I remember when my boss called me into his office. He sat me down in a plastic fold out chair, very hard, very firm, very uncomfortable and even though he knew how bad I needed that job he told me he had to let me go, in a way very similar to that chair.

Step one: make the choice

Even though I had just been fired from sales, I had decided, subconsciously at the time, that I had a passion for sales. I had spent my early years having to talk to new people all the time and I developed a real ability to do so. So I did what many people who want to learn how to get better at a subject do, I threw myself into sales. I read every book I could get my hands on. I listened to any trainer I could find. I practiced my scripts and how to overcome objections. I wanted to be good at this, actually I wanted to be great at it. I took jobs in varying industries from door to door vacuum sales, to political fundraising and almost everything in-between.

step two: never give up

I continued to find sales jobs and continued to get better at my craft, working still today on perfecting it. I was lucky enough to get a job in the then booming oil industry. Even at my young age I was out performing some of the more established members of my team and my bosses definitely noticed that I had drive and a talent I had learned. Slowly I started gaining more knowledge and with my knowledge I began gaining wealth, which was not something I grew up with, so I was beginning to grow my confidence. Picture this: within six years going from not even having a bank account to a quarter million dollars a year in commissions alone. I had definitely found my passion.

seriously, never give up

Then came the oil industry crash of 2014. Some of you may not know about this because it wasn’t like the stock market crash of 1929, or the housing market crash of 1991, or 2007, but it was along those proportions in my industry. I ended up losing my job, my confidence, I am certain some would say my self-respect, and ended up losing my life savings blowing all of my money on partying and women.

there is no place like rock bottom

I had a lot of time to think after the oil market crashed. At first I was lost. I didnt’ know who I was anymore. My entire identity was being held in question by myself. It’s a scary place to be if you’ve never had to look for your own identity. It makes you feel small, insignificant. But a funny thing happens at rock bottom, you can’t get any lower. When I finally realized that was where I was, I was able to pick myself up, dust myself off, and begin climbing back up the mountain.

check your ego at the door

I went back out and threw myself into the market, humbled by the experiences I had been through I accepted entry level positions just to get my foot in the door. Quickly I was discovering that every company I went to had no idea how to actually sell. They would make it through the entire sales process, but they still wouldn’t get the sale. This included my coworkers and managers, and event the owners

It’s time to give back

I started questioning whether I even wanted to be in sales anymore. I thought maybe something else out there would be better. I could feel myself becoming discouraged again, I was not offering value to the world and I really wanted to find an answer. Then I had a revelation. I didn’t want to be in sales. I didn’t want to be dependent on someone else’s needs, whims, or desires, so instead of sales I decided to teach the business of closing. I have a specialized knowledge and I should be sharing this instead of using it for personal gain, as I have in the pas

hold nothing back

I moved to St. Petersburg, Florida and an associate of mine, Brandon, and I decided to launch Closer’s College. Now, many of you have probably started a business, or in a new industry you wanted to succeed at, and what did you do? You start researching everything you can about the business. You look into competition, and then I reached out to them and asked them if they would be interested in my knowledge. Most of their information was vast but it was not current. They touched on outdated subjects, and barely acknowledged subjects that were relevant in today’s world. Doing so not only allowed me to learn about the competition, but also learn about the market we would be trying to reach. I continued my research doing private consulting for any business that would have me. Fast forword to today, and we are a priemer force for the most upto date sales persuesion and influance tacticts, we have our finger on the pulse of what’s closing the biggest deals today, and most importantly whats making sales professionals the most commisions. 

Blueprint for Freedom & Prosperity…

We do one thing, and we do it well. We create closers. Our solutions aren’t extravagant or outrageous, they simply work.

Our sales experts are required to have a conversion rate of over 60% in order to be a part of our team. We demand the best from ourselves so that we can give our best to you.

Our dedication to improving Sales Training helps us apply what we’ve learned to new technologies, like custom CRM’s, Covert Persuasion tactics, and Auto Dialers. Our hope is to bring the power of Sales Training to every company, and to help millions of sales professional access and use the most ethical and effective methods that are working today.

We take our experiences, learn from them, and are therefore able to provide you with sales solutions that are effective and guaranteed.

Most importantly, we want to help you live a stress-free life while being successful and making more money.

If social selling has been stressing you out, or you haven’t been using it to the best of your ability, we are here to help.


The RULES & STRATEGIES make all the difference in the world!

Every year, our expert-developed rules and strategies have helped us guarantee success for our customers and clients. Social media is our strong suit, and creating closers is what we do.

We owe it all the rules and strategies.  Fact-based education has made us stand out among our peers, and it can do the same for you.

Grow your social selling by 40% a year. It IS possible.

Why Closer’s Club Is Different…

The Closer’s Club is not about conversation or theory.

  • You learn what you need to know to determine the market(s) you are best suited to sell. And how to spot opportunity and close sales anytime.
  • You learn how we limit risk. And you learn strategies we use every day at Closer College to profit.
  • Everything you need to develop the right mindset and begin profiting and building wealth is waiting for you in the Closer’s Club.

Besides having access to a superbly organized and regularly updated collection of training resources on every aspect of trading from A to Z…

  • You have unlimited email support – If you can’t find the answer to question you have about any aspect of trading, just fire off an email and we’ll answer.
  • And if you feel the need, as a club member you can simply pick up the phone and call us with questions. And we are happy to help anyway we can. This gives you an unprecedented level of support.

Closer’s Club is not just a secret vault loaded with proven, tested, expert tips, tools, secrets and strategies that will help you be a better closer…

Closer’s Club can play an ACTIVE ROLE in helping you learn what you need to know, and develop mastery at what you need to do to reach your goals trading.

Since 2016 when we began the Closer’s Club… we’ve helped hundreds of salespeople improve their skill at trading and reach their goals.

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