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Episode 03

Episode 02

This week, Closer College tackles the subject of buyer’s objections and how to turn this obstacle into an opportunity. Adam explains the different types of buyer’s objections and what they mean to you. He outlines the methods for avoiding objections without being dishonest or resorting to misdirection. Not all objections can be avoided, and likewise not all objections are a bad sign. Some are actually a sign that your prospect wants to buy from you, but may have special circumstances or concerns. Learn how to read the difference between an excuse from a prospect, or an actual reason, and how to handle both when they arise.

Episode 01

An introduction to the series, this first podcast sets expectations for what we can expect to gain from the resources at closer college. Adam Freeman, a founding member and one of the professors, discusses the importance of sales for new business owners. 8 out of 10 businesses will shut down in their first 18 months – and the reason is not because their product or service has no value – it is because they failed to recognize the value of selling their product. Learn how the closer college system can help you or your sales team to better hone the skills needed for a thriving business.