Are you still using the old sales techniques that you learned when you began selling? Do they not seem to be working for you anymore? The truth is, in order to keep up with the new millennium’s fast-paced competition, we need to leave our old sales techniques behind. These new school selling concepts are the wave of the future — you need them to save your business, to retain your existing customers, and establish new ones.

In the old school of selling, sales representatives were taught skills that dealt more with tasks than with purposes. Their training and levels of expertise were in the areas of prospecting, influencing, demonstration techniques and dozens of nifty closing statements or ploys. From my early days selling copiers, I can remember having to memorize a script on how to demonstrate the copier — complete with hand motions!

And who can forget those famous “closing scenarios”? Closing is important, and you still need to ask for the order. However, closing today is not a single statement event. It is a process that starts the very moment you introduce yourself to your customer.

For the most part, the old school sales representative is weak in the areas of qualifying and first impressions. We used to be taught that to make a good first impression you needed to strike up a conversation about the latest football game, or talk about something relative to pictures hanging on the wall. This was supposed to help develop a personal relationship.

The truth is that most customers today don’t have time for that. Their time is so valuable that if you don’t instantly prove to them that you have the potential to become an invaluable resource, you’re history. Head over to Closer College to get the latest strategies and technologies used by the best of the best.

Via Business Know How