This Is Going To Change Everything.

Don't say I didn't warn you.

You are going to discover exactly why the tired and abused model of selling does not work any more, and step by step instructions on how you can take advantage of this new upswing in the sales industry claiming your part of Closer Colleges next $100,000,000 in sales.

Here is a few key points on what you will discover during this live training:

  • How to overcome buyers objections.

You’ll learn the right rebuttals to some of the most common objections. This is one the most effective strategies needed to become better than the rest. Be prepared to submit your objections as we cover exactly what is working today.

  • How to have an endless resource of confidence.

In section two you will discover how to stay motivated and step into the most optimal state of mind before you get to the close so you always have confidence.

  • The golden rules to success and sales.

Halfway through we really provide a ridiculous amount of value, as we literally give you a road-map to success.

  • How to avoid failure in the sales industry.

The best kept secret will be saved for last! As Closer College invites you to the early access application process. This has never been released to the public in the past.

Make sure you stay till the very end to get your chance to schedule your appointment for a personalized strategy session with the hosting professor at absolutely no charge to you.

Adam M Freeman

Adam M Freeman

Dean of Closer College

Hi there!
My name is Adam Freeman and I am THE Sales Superhero & Biz Dev Brainiac.

Personally accountable for over $100M in sales over the course of my professional career.
Directly involved in the growth and improvement of over a dozen companies since 2008.

Of course I won’t forget to mention that I am a performance driven business professional who has developed and built successful teams, partnerships and executive relationships. I am excellent with customer relationships based on my top notch personal integrity, business acumen, and accountability.

If you get the chance to ask anyone I have dealt with, they will agree that I am recognized by clients and colleagues as an intuitive business leader and trusted adviser.

When Is The Live Training?

January 27, 2017

12pm to 1pm EST

The only time that has ever been better to improve your sales skills was yesterday. That ship has sailed. Do not make that mistake again, this is the first time Closer College has ever released this to the public so claiming your ground as one of the few early adopters could put you on the fast track to success.