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If you want to be better than the best you should consider thinking outside box. As a matter of fact you’ll have to lose the idea that the box even exists.

Closer College has experienced Professors ready to open your mind to what’s working today. Not only do all of our professors are required to actively sell for our third party partners in order make sure that they can offer the best and most current advice, but they must also maintain a conversion ratio of 60% or higher.

Online University

The buyer is on to you. Regardless of if you are ready to admit it or not selling is a constantly adapting and ever changing skillset. Buyers today are tired of all these “sales systems” that ruin the experience and try and force them into a cookie cutter buying process.  Closer College constantly does active market research across every niche and industry using real world examples and practical guidelines to ensure you win more deals. With four years of coursework and virtual internships our online university has a keen focusing on closing. You will learn how to sell better but above all else you will learn how to CLOSE consistently and ethically.

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Closer College will help you out sell anyone you’ve ever known.

Dedicated to you or your team’s growth we promise that we will give you every tool in our arsenal and provide you the best possible service along the way. It’s our mission to change the way the world views the sales industry and we are happy to do that one Sales Professional at a time. Thank you for doing your part.

Sell Better. Close More. Win Big.

What Other's Say

“My B2B sales team used to be very inconsistent and it almost cost me my business… I’m not sure what would have happened if I were never introduced to Closer College. I do know that their University professors were able to take my team and increase their conversions by 35%. Its 36 months later and I still have the same team, producing consistently across the board and we are thankful every day.”

– Michael Page.

Mapco Fabrications, Houston Tx.

What Other's Say

“I can’t say enough great things about Closer College!

The creation of the scripted close- which has an answer for any rebuttal, is genius! It’s a way to conversationally address anticipated objections and progress the call (sale) forward, for the best possible outcome. It sets your newest salespeople up for success because they are using the same methodology as your most successful people- and they can begin producing in a fraction of the time.

They pioneered this process for Ensight Energy. Our sales and productivity increased during a time when the economy was not on the side of higher risk investment products.

Thank you!”

– Jen Durkin.

Dallas Tx.

What Others Say

“Closer College has helped me throughout my training for Apex Energy Solutions. It helped me go from barely being able to say my name to having the courage to fly through my whole entire speech to a brand new client! Then setting two appointments in my first week! If you sell anything at all and want to get better, this is the team to get you the best results in the quickest time frame.”

– Jonathon Bernardi

Tampa, Fl.

Dean’s Corner

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