What does it take to be a good salesperson?

More importantly, how can you tell if you’re actually any good at your job?

Here are 3 signs that you are good at sales and that you can be even better.

You do your homework

You can be the most charming person in the world, but a good salesperson knows that the job goes far beyond sweet-talk. A good salesperson will research their leads and research the company. They know their target market inside and out, and they know their product inside and out.

You never stop learning

Sales is more than just a “knack” that either you have or you don’t. Good salespeople put in the time and the effort to develop their skills and stay ahead of the competition. Our individual and team training are the top resources for developing your talent and making you even better.

Your success is measurable and reliable

Are you making concrete sales that provide value to you, your company, and your customer? A good salesperson is valued by their customer for selling them something that they need and use, and valued by their company for bringing home the bacon. Evaluate your conversion rate and how it can improve.

Do these 3 signs point to you being a good salesperson?
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