Forget being a good salesperson, right now let’s talk about being a good person. There’s a common misconception of all salespeople as a typical “used car salesman” who will sell you anything just for a few bucks, but that’s not us. And it certainly shouldn’t be you!
There are certain ethical standards that should be followed in the sales world, but when a few too many people cut a few too many corners, the entire industry gets a bad name. What we would like to see is a return to ethics so that we can break the “sleazy” stereotype, and that’s how we structure our online training: to be an amazing closer without breaking any rules.
Common ethical practices include promoting fair and healthy competition, offering safe and effective products, and pricing your products or services appropriately.
To promote healthy competition, it’s pretty simple. Don’t trash talk your competitors. Close the sale because you’re a good salesperson, not because you’ve torn down the credibility of someone else.
Offering products that do what they claim seems like a no-brainer, but don’t get carried away with colorful language. Making your product sound like it does something that it doesn’t won’t work out very well for you in the long run. They may purchase your product, but they will likely not have a very fond memory of the salesperson who “lied” to them.
The price of your product or service may not be something that you can change if you are on a different team within your company, but it’s important to create proposals and products that are valued appropriately. It can not only be misleading to the buyer, but it can also lead to negative reviews and a bad reputation in the marketplace.
Be a good person and a good salesperson. It’s possible to do both, and we want to help make that happen.