Let’s just dive right in here… do you value your time? Can you honestly look in the mirror and say that you use your time as wisely as you should?

Guess what? You’re not alone. 86% of small business owners operate at less than 50% efficiency. A good number of those are even under 20%. I can clearly picture the loafers in every office blaming the system, begrudging the rock stars of the organization. The real crime is committed by the business owner. Loafers are only capable of bending the system as far as protocol allows. If your business lacks systems and processes then it’s likely you do not require purposeful actions within the day to day operations.

Applying a quick fix like software or hiring a new manager isn’t a long term solution. Putting on a temporary Band-Aid only furthers the situation; you may actually start to believe that your issues have magically resolved themselves. Efficiency in every roll is of the utmost importance. An employee who is stuck in a position they feel isn’t optimized will never perform at their best, nor will they be happy. If you want to run a sad business I suggest you look into opening an office in a third world country.

If you want to head to the ER and get that gunshot wound patched up by an expert who specializes in the preverbal business gunshot wound area, then you my friend are part of the solution. If inefficiency is the issue, how can we fix that?…

  • Document every successful action your business takes
  • Create systems and processes for every task in your business
  • Clearly identify roles and responsibilities
  • Look into automation services to cut back on wasted time
  • Make sure you do things on purpose for your business
  • Model successful processes of other companies
  • Offer clear lines of communication for all team members
  • Avoid changing your rules to suit the needs of your weakest links
  • Do not let your top producers set the rules

There are obviously a billion and one tips to help you and your business, but I have found that these are the ones that have helped me most.

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