The Missing Link In Your Sales Process

Destination Phase

Our clients do not usually come to us before the pain of a dysfunctional sales process sets in (although we wish they would). That means that the first step in our process is to is to identify where they would rather be. We start with the end in mind.

We will discuss automations and marketing and big picture strategies that your team might not have considered since you are so close to your business. With our influence in 7 countries and 19 industries we have the connections needed to get you there.

During this phase we will make sure that we have all the intel needed to build out your perfect sales floor. Since this is a custom tailored done for you work flow it takes some TLC like this in order to get the best results… but hey we haven’t had anyone complain about being too thorough yet.

Accountability Phase

Now that we know where we are headed and were more acquainted with our customers (letting them vent). It’s time to get into action.

In phase two we find out how far we are from the destination by learning exactly where we are today. This is a look under the hood of your business to find out exactly what has gone wrong and why. We will get to the bottom of your revenue challenges and formulate an executable path to you personal endgame.

Well take a look at your current software and processes to make sure we eliminate any inefficiencies. As we plan your path to success we will make recommendations to other technologies and in most cases give you access to preferred pricing through some popular vendors.

Execution Phase

The last link to the equation is execution. Now that the we have come to terms on what is broken and have a clear understanding to where we want to be, its time put the plan in motion and start implementing and catching everyone else up to speed.

We personally train all of your sales professionals in the latest technology that gets the best results today. Obviously we create closers but our clients should keep in mind that WE DO NOT TEACH OLD SCHOOL PUSHY TACTICS. We have very covert techniques for communication and externally effective communication strategies we share. This is the highest level of selling unavailable anywhere and it is constantly tested and updated.

At the end of this phase your sales system, from your tech to your rep will be optimized. Every step mapped out and more predictability than you’ve probably seen in years from your sales department.

Systems that get the results our clients need.

Closer College works with some of the leading companies in almost every niche. As we expand our clientele we expand our knowledge offering unique partnership opportunities to our clients to help expand our market research. Since we always have the most up to date tactics, we know how your customers buy and why. Closer College is familiar with SEC Compliance and financial Regulation offering unique perspective to your challenges. We meticulously track performance from experiential and quantitative levels using Sales Assessment Test, automated tracking, benchmark comparisons, and above all else we help measure your ROI. Some of our most recent success stories are:

Top oil and gas exploration conglomerate.
Sales cycle decreased by 2 weeks and experienced 21% increase in unit sales.

Private energy co.
The company’s sales grew organically by 25% versus an industry average of -3% after developing a new sales process and taking the training.

Top Publishing House
400% ROI within the first week of completing the training

Top internet marketing firm
Experienced the largest net profits from a webinar series in the history of the company, bringing in mid 7 figures from an online product launch.

#1 investment newsletter
Doubled their pipeline and increased customer retention by 17%

Leading Networking Firm
User Experience reported at an all time high, increased global conversion rate by 45%

Web development leader
Implemented additional pay points in customer path equating to 75% higher customer value after consulting.

Private Production Company
Grew pipeline from $5 million to $52 million in a single year


Collected Using the Closer College System


Countries and Counting

Michael Page

Mapco Fabrications, Houston Tx

“My B2B sales team used to be very inconsistent and it almost cost me my business… I’m not sure what would have happened if I were never introduced to Closer College. I do know that their University professors were able to take my team and increase their conversions by 35%. Its 36 months later and I still have the same team, producing consistently across the board and we are thankful every day.”

Jen Durkin

Dallas Tx

“I can’t say enough great things about Closer College!

The creation of the scripted close- which has an answer for any rebuttal, is genius! It’s a way to conversationally address anticipated objections and progress the call (sale) forward, for the best possible outcome. It sets your newest salespeople up for success because they are using the same methodology as your most successful people- and they can begin producing in a fraction of the time

Jonathon Bernardi

Tampa, Fl

“Closer College has helped me throughout my training for Apex Energy Solutions. It helped me go from barely being able to say my name to having the courage to fly through my whole entire speech to a brand new client! Then setting two appointments in my first week! If you sell anything at all and want to get better, this is the team to get you the best results in the quickest time frame.”

Dean’s Corner

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