Technology certainly has its advantages. It has helped to totally streamline the sales process, assist with organization, and has made contacting leads so much more doable.
However, there’s definitely something impersonal about doing all of your business from behind a screen. Charm doesn’t exactly translate through an email, and you can’t always sense someone’s tone correctly via text message.
When we rely solely on technology to find and cultivate leads, the personal touch can lose its power. It’s important to still create a strong relationship with your buyer, but this can be difficult when conversations lack context. In addition, we all know how crazy your inbox can get. Emails can be pushed down the queue in a matter of hours, leaving your outreach unread and unacknowledged.
Don’t let face-to-face or phone meetings intimidate you. Especially for a new lead, it can be hard to understand them just through email or online conversation. Set something up – a phone call, video conference, etc – so that you can display your own personality, and get to know theirs.
If you are unable to schedule any of the above, that doesn’t mean you have to continue sending generic email templates. That said, also don’t overdo it on the exclamation points or smiley emoticons. Find a way of communication that always you to be you, while still getting the job done.
Finally, take advantage of the many advantages technology has to offer, like online sales training. When you are able to both utilize technological opportunites as well as break through any barriers that it might present, you know you’re on the right track.