STOP! what you are about to read is not up for debate! If you disagree, please go be broke somewhere else…..

The majority of every single sales interactions on this planet are scalable, repeatable and can be scripted.

Period. No questions. Don’t argue.

Some salespeople argue that their business is different, but this broken ideology comes from being accustom to having a different delivery each time, which makes the flow of the sale, questions asked and the outcome vary.

I’m not saying that you need to regurgitate the same terrible lines a thousand times a week, on the contrary, a sales script should always be evolving.  Sales sheepeople are concerned about coming across as disingenuous and phony. Guess what? If you can’t read a script with enthusiasm and character, then you are in the wrong business my friend. Go put in an application for salaried position because you will starve in sales.

Scripting a sale is just like telling a story. Once salespeople find a story that customers like, they start to tell it more and more. This doesn’t make them any less genuine. In fact, telling a story well makes them more confident and engaging.

Bottom line, don’t be too cool to use a script.