Every entrepreneur, sooner or later, wants to grow a scalable business. The problem is most people hit some roadblocks along the way and get sent down a failing path to try and market there way out of the slumps. Well the truth is there is a gross misunderstanding in what it actually takes to build a successful business. If you couldn’t guess from my other posts, that solution is sales.

Businesses have forgotten how important a sales team is to the success of a company, the reality is that without sales there is no business. That raises the question of how do we build and manage a great sales team? The answer to that can be found by working with a qualified sales coach, however i’ll list a few rules of the game below to help get you started.

  1.  Cold Calls – Front end reps should make approximately 200-300 calls per day
  2. Trainings – Set aside a monthly budget that is dedicated to the betterment of your sales team.
  3.  Systematic Selling – Sales reps should always go for the “no”. Statistically, 67% of sales take place after the ” Prospect ” has declined.
  4. Follow through – The sale shouldn’t stop after the exchange of money. It always leads to a higher customer value if you continue the relationship with your customers.

I have built and educated more than 6,000 small and large sales teams. I founded Closer College on one simple rule: A business will grow when it is willing to invest in the education of its most important asset …. Its sales department.