About Us

It’s best to do one thing really, really well…

We Create Closers. As the world leader in cutting edge sales training our organisation is focused exclusively on solving sales problems. We know what we do well, and how you could do it better. Through continued market research, we’ve been able to solve complex challenges and provide continuous improvements to an industry that is already inundated with “old school” tips from “old school” teachers.

Our dedication to improving Sales Training helps us apply what we’ve learned to new technologies, like custom CRM’s, Covert Persuasion tactics, and Auto Dialers. Our hope is to bring the power of Sales Training to every company, and to help millions of sales professional access and use the most ethical and effective methods that are working today.

Above all else we want to help you Live a less stressful life and run a less stressful sales team by helping you close better because we know there is a better way, we believe that with the today’s technology and market research we can change the world of sales. We are changing the identity of the “everyday” sales professional. Helping shape a better financial future and a healthier industry.


Adam Freeman

(Sales Superhero)

  • Closing 100%
  • Leadership 80%
  • Spelling 5%

Brandon Shutter

(Black belt in Google-Fu)

  • Patience 2%
  • Tech Saviness 87%
  • Implementation 90%

Alyssa Dambach

(Question Master)

  • Listening 92%
  • Attention to Detail 88%
  • Balance 17%

Robert Stuelke

Project Manager
(UX Aficionado)

  • Design 99%
  • Socializing 7%
  • Accountability 82%

Want your business to be more profitable?

Do you want to close more deals?

We thought so… Closer College is dedicated to helping our clients achieve revenue growth through the implementation of real-world tested strategies and solutions. These current techniques are designed to create top of the line sales forces with an emphasis on increasing conversions. With a comprehensive approach, we use our knowledge and expertise to strengthen the competencies critical to the sales process from start to finish, and install a revenue generating system that returns measurable gains in a matter of months.

We are are passionate about changing the way the world views the sales industry and we are ok with doing that one professional at a time.

Closer College has experienced Professors ready to open your mind to what’s working today. Not only are all of our professors required to actively sell for our third party partners in order make sure that they can offer the best and most current advice, but they must also maintain a conversion ratio of 60% or higher.You wouldnt take advice from someone who isnt better and we know that, so we only use the best of the best.

Through custom tailored education, top consulting leaders, and the latest technology by closers for closers.  If you’re sick and tired of being treated like a disposable cog in the system then you’ve come to the right place to better yourself.