Especially during the holidays, you might be suffering from a little something we like to call “vacation brain.”

You know what it’s like – not being able to focus, having zero motivation to work, thinking about Christmas dinner which is coming up in less than a week….

So there are a lot of distractions right now. There are a lot of distractions always, but this time of year tends to be a bit worse. Whenever you’re approaching a holiday or vacation, it’s harder and harder to keep your mind on your work. Here are 3 ways to stay focused, keep working, and get things done like you should instead of making a bunch of those Jib Jab dancing elf videos like you know you want to.

Turn Off Notifications for 15 Minutes

By bringing every millenial’s nightmare to life, you can actually increase your productivity. About 60% of distractions come from your smartphone. In fact, you’re probably tempted to check your notifications right now. Resist the temptation, use that lovely “Do Not Disturb” feature, and get some work done.

Treat Yo’ Self

Because you deserve it. Give yourself a little reward when you complete a task or close a sale, like taking a walk to the nearest coffee shop and grabbing one of their famous cookies. Because if you aren’t motivated by cookies, I’m not sure you’ll ever be motivated at all.

Start Small

Rather than staring at one big project, start by knocking out the smaller things that are on your to-do list. Call your old college buddy about his new company, schedule a meeting with your team, clean up your inbox. Do a few smaller tasks and you’ll feel more productive, thus causing you to be more productive.

Take Breaks

Seemingly counterintuitive, taking breaks can actually help you get more work done. By allotting a certain amount of time (say, 30 minutes) for work and planning to take a break after that, you’re far more likely to actually use that full 30 minutes to work, knowing that there is relief ahead.

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