You’re on LinkedIn, you’re trying to generate leads, and you’re getting… nowhere.

What’s going on?

You may be making these 3 social selling mistakes that could be holding you back. Don’t let yourself get caught in these traps- we’ve got solutions for you so that you can optimize your social presence, generate leads, and get stuff done.

Your profile isn’t fully optimized

This is the very first step when it comes to creating your social presence, but it’s often left somewhat undone, as everyone is eager to get out of the starting gate and being selling. Hold your horses, kid. Let’s take it back to square one. Fully flesh out your social profile to detail who you are, what you do, what you sell- and most importanly, what you can offer to whoever is scoping you out.

You only try every once in a while

Social media never sleeps, and your efforts at social selling shouldn’t be a “when I feel like it” type of gig. Focus your efforts and your attentions to working on social sales every day. It doesn’t have to consume your life, but if you’re serious about being successful at it, you need to devote time and energy to it.

You don’t interact

Your social profile should be made with the intent to sell, but that shouldn’t be the first thing people notice when they view your page. Engage with people, promote industry news, interact in group discussions. These simple things make you seem like a real person, not just a sales robot.